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hi, so I'm a long time follower but I've never talked to you before. this might be dumb but i think that you're super awesome and you might need to let yourself off the hook for a bit. i really dig your pics and your hella cute so I feel 300% that things are gonna work out for you in a major way... until then, take it easy and tackle your life one day at a time

Thank you so much long time follower and not just you. I’ve been getting a lot of messages in regards to what I’ve been feeling/writing on here and I wish I could write big thank you messages to all of you, but I like to keep them in my messages and read them when things are low. Just know they are very very very much appreciate from little me. Thank you for taking time guys and sending me sweet things such as this. I actually had a really long talk with good ol’ mom and I feel loads better. Not all the way better, but like you said I’m hoping to be able to take things day by day. Thank you loads. 



I am needy, selfish, and possessive. I am not someone you want to be with.

Second week of school and already I need a mental health day.
This semester will be the death of me.

I’ve really shot myself in the foot with this one.
20,000+ photos to delete on a computer that is slow as fuck, when I have assignments to do.
I’ve learned my lesson god.
Have mercy.

For you,

John BaldessariGoya Series

I can’t do that for you, sorry.


Why is it that I am here?



Roe x Roof by Me

Oh hey
I’’m fun to flirt with but not to date because I’’m a psychopath.
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